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SaaS Forecast for 2010

Posted by terrosatechnologies on December 28, 2009

This Thinking about SaaS provides an actionable watch list of insights on what CIOs and other C-Level executives can expect from Cloud Computing in 2010.

First let’s say goodbye to 2009…2009 was a year of emergence of a mainstream focus on Cloud Computing and Software as a Service.  For the first year, we saw SaaS move into serious consideration by mid-size and large organizations alike; in part because end users have been implementing SaaS applications independently of any corporate-wide initiative. This is changing. Far fewer discussions of the subject refer to SaaS and Cloud Computing as ‘the latest fad’. We now know that these technologies are a fundamental shift in how application software will be delivered going forward. The numerous business benefits of Cloud Computing are becoming firmly established.

So here is Terrosa Technologies’ 2010 watch list:

  • A tipping point will be reached whereby IT leaders favor SaaS solutions and only choose site installed solutions if no suitable SaaS version is found.


  • The silos of independent application acquisitions by end user departments will be integrated into larger corporate-wide SaaS and Cloud initiatives. IT departments will attempt to build cohesive IT environments that include SaaS applications.


  • Watch Microsoft’s Azure development platform as it could push Platform as a Service (PaaS) into mainstream acceptance of Cloud Computing for internally built applications.


  • The battle of Cloud hosting giants (such as MS, IBM, HP, Oracle, RackSpace, OpSource) ramps up quickly, keeping costs low and rapidly expanding more specific use offerings.


  • Expect SaaS and Cloud computing roll outs to accelerate significantly in 2010. Organizations who delayed scheduled hardware renewal purchases in 2009 and those coming due in 2010 see the Cloud as the new way. Watch for legacy applications’ maintenance budgets to carry much of the transition costs for SaaS applications.


  • Computing becomes all about ‘anywhere availability’ and high quality browser based software. Look for new places to intersect with customers and suppliers, but don’t necessarily think traditional personal computers. Spend more time on new uses than re-platforming unchanged legacy applications.


  • Thinking GEO green; SaaS becomes the obvious eco-friendly way to run business.


  • Facing the inevitable, software publishers will give up remaining resistance to Cloud Computing. But they may still struggle to learn how to make money with SaaS.


  • Integrators and consultants will need to identify other opportunities to provide value, while organizations can factor these reduced costs into their project budgets in 2010.



This “Thinking About SaaS” article is one in a series produced by Terrosa Technologies’ President, Kim A. Terry. Each article address a different knowledge area of applications delivered via the SaaS subscription model.


About Terrosa:

Terrosa Technologies provides a portfolio of SaaS delivered applications, as well as implementation expertise, integration services and C-Level management consulting.

Terrosa Technologies was born out of the recognition that software provided as a service produces greater efficiency, value and benefits over traditional site installed solutions. Enabled by a fast reliable Internet and the ever increasing sophistication of Saas offerings, many companies will be able to reduce their cost of operations and afford to do more with less. In uncertain and financially challenging times, it is more important than ever that Terrosa is helping our customers deliver products and services more efficiently and with less risk.

We welcome inquiries and offer initial phone consultations at no cost. Call us today at (805) 413-4600.


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